Womb Session

What Is a Womb Session?

A womb session is an opportunity for you to connect more deeply to your womb.

Here we listen, connect, and honor your sacred body through presence and awareness.

In these sessions we explore whatever is present for you and navigate your experience with grace and ease.

Womb sessions can be deeply empowering, freeing, and liberating!

More information is shared in the video below.

What to Expect

In Person

As we gather in person we discuss beforehand whats going on in your life and any sensations, feelings, or concerns that would like to be addressed.

Each session begins with a relaxing and grounding visualization to guide the woman into the body. Here we soften and allow the body to lead the way.

We meet each area with sacred presence and begin to explore the throat, heart, womb, and yoni as revealed through her.

For those who are ready, I offer the Grail Gates Womb Massage. A beautiful hands on experience that honors, opens, and activates the wombyn to remember her own unique codes and heal herself as we hold sacred space together.

Towards the end of the session we gather any wisdom threads and insight that has come through. Anchoring the experience and supporting you as you move forward.

We complete in gratitude and have space afterwards to discuss any questions while enjoying a nourishing tea.


*This massage is usually done topless, but there is always the options to do over clothing and work with your comfortability. I will always meet you where you’re at and we will move at your perfect pace.



Online sessions are similar to the above, but more energetic in nature as we are not physically in the same room. Though there is distance, the womb session can be just as potent and impactful as energy has no bounds.

Here I guide you through a process to connect with your womb and explore what is present. As we dive into the wells of your temple space through visualization and intention, much is revealed.

We can experience opportunities for healing from many different angles; childhood, any unresolved past trauma, ancestral healing of your lineage, past life healing, physical areas of numbness or pain, and any emotional aspects that want to be met.


Healing for these sessions goes beyond words.

If you’d like more information please reach out and we can have a call.



$333  Womb Connection Session

2 hours

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