Block the Haters Energy Cleansing Spray


Claim your space! Feel protected, uplifted, and completley connected to YOUR  personal energy. No-one else’s juju can affect your aura while surrounded by these ancient oils.

Spray on your clothes before you leave the house, spray after having an arguement, spray to feel uplifted and confident, spray any and everywhere to claim your space and feel good in your skin! This is my number one favorite uplifting blend!

  • Created with Positive intention
  • Activated by Sound Therapy
  • Blessed with Reiki

All Natural Ingredients

  • Young Livings essential Oils; Frankincense and Peppermint
  • Local Essential Oil: Palo Santo
  • Himalayan Sea Salt
  • H20
  • Quarts Crystal

*different crystals may be added upon request


4 ounce bottle


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