Grounding, connecting, replenishing. My intention while making this catcher was to help bring the reciever healing grounding energy. If you feel out of it, disconnected, unmotivated, unsure of yourself, etc.  these are signs that you should center yourself.  As a tree is nourished and filled with energy from the earth, so are you when you walk bare foot on the ground. Sit next to a tree and take deep thoughtful breaths. Go watch a sunset. And also take a minute to put this dream catcher in your cart hehe 

This is the first of my Mother Earth Collection Dream Catchers! There is always something special about the first ;) ...but know there will be more to come!


Picture Jasper 

-Deep connection to the Earth

-Nurturing and protective

- Brings comfort by alleviating fear, stress, and anxiety 

-Assists in breaking old habits 

-Increases creativity, confidence, energy, and strength


Tigers Eye

-Stone of courage, strength, and personal power

-Stimulates the first three chakras to help you remain grounded and supported during times of stress

-Increases self confidence and leadership

-Improves intuition and mental clarity

-Promotes boldness, new beginnings, and strength



SIZE: 1 inch hoop

My customers love placing the 1-3 inch hoop dream catchers in their cars for protection and positive energy! 

Mini Mother Earth

    © 2017 by Haley Kelly