One on One Spiritual Transformation Mentorship

Create a compassionate relationship with yourself

Heal old wounds

Connect with your soul purpose

So you can EMBODY your authentic self and show up CONFIDENTLY as who you truly are!

The Container

6 month journey

Meet bi weekly/ twice each month (12 meetings total)

  • 9 Coaching calls
  • 3 Soul mapping sessions

Meeting on Zoom and in person if local. |  Email and text availability Monday – Friday

The Journey

Month 1
Sacred YES & Vision

  • Blessing Rite to celebrate your commitment to yourself and this journey
  • Discover layers of your purpose and connect with your deepest YES
  • Crystal clear clarity on your VISION for your life and what lights you up
  • Steps to begin to connect with yourself

​>> Mark calendar to carve out time for our coaching calls and and daily/ weekly exercises

Month 2
Root into the Body & Dance With Your Shadow

  • Enjoy moving from your head to your heart to your hips
  • Break free from outdated belief systems, blocks, and habits that no longer work for you
  • Learn how to create and hold sacred space for yourself
  • Deepen into mindfulness practices that will support you daily

Month 3 & 4
Consciously Creating & Activating Your Divine Gifts

  • Remember your divinity and meet your authentic self
  • Connect to yourself as a conscious creator
  • Be your biggest supporter
  • Take inspired action to create the life you desire
  • Play with your unique gifts and connect with your medicine/ magic/ message

Month 5
Pleasure Practices & Creative Expression

  • Romance yourself and deepen into self love practices
  • Connect with your pleasure and gratitude
  • Learn how to connect with your power center
  • Express yourself and share your truth

Month 6
Embody Your Authentic Self

  • Show up as your whole sovereign true self
  • Embody your greatness and highest potential by living life on purpose!
  • Reflect and integrate
  • Blessing ceremony to celebrate you and this sacred journey into your heart

As we look at our journey together (above) in the context of the body, this is the structure and bones of our time together.

The heart, is the true guide.

This means we will not will not hold as strictly to the schedule I have set if your soul guides us to focus on specific areas during our time together. Each journey is unique and we will flow with your soul’s individual Divine plan.

My expertise and tools that we may dance with throughout our time together

  • Visualization
  • Mediation & mindfulness
  • Womb work and Divine Feminine teachings
  • Soul journeys and vision quests
  • Affirmations
  • Embodiment practices
  • Cleansing and clearing tools
  • Breath work
  • Vocal exercises
  • Movement
  • Chakra balancing
  • Oracle and Angel card readings
  • Connecting with your higher self and divine team

My Role

With love and devotion I am your guide. Here to connect you to the true essence of divine wisdom within you! I will lead you into your deepest caves and it is there that you will journey and discover yourself.

Along the way, I will support you, guide you, and empower you with practical tools and exercises to call forth your most authentic self.

Your Role

I am calling forth women who are ready and willing to show up for this work. Those who are ready to create change within their own relationship to themselves, wanting to deepen into their purpose, ready to shift how they show up in the world. The biggest requirement is that you are ready… and willing to go through the fire.

Is this you?

If you are ready to step more into your true power, activate your highest potential, and create more space for your aligned life!…Then come apply here

*** If you want a coach who will do the work for you, that is not me. I facilitate a safe space where my clients can activate their greatest potential and are empowered to make choices to support themselves. Anyone looking for a quick fix or for someone to do the work for them, please look somewhere else. ***

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