Dream Catchers

One of my greatest passions is creating dream catchers! I have truly felt a calling to shift people’s experiences of reality and improve their lives for the better, and what better way to do that then starting with the dream world.

What Is a Dream Catcher?

A dream catcher is a sacred item that is placed above the bed. While you sleep, the bad dreams will get caught in the woven web, and will vanish with the morning sun. The good dreams will float down the feathers into the sleeper below. Dream catchers not only ward off negative energies, but uplift the positive energies within the home. Overall, a dream catcher is a symbol of love, peace, and protection.

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My Process

Before I begin creating any dream catcher I mediate and center myself. I think about the person I am making it for and ask to tap into their energy. While weaving I say a blessing to help this person on their life journey as well as anything specific they may currently be struggling with. My intuition guides me to choose which crystals and where to place them. Throughout the process I listen to healing music, repeat positive affirmations, and have my whole focus on the dream catcher. When the dream catcher is physically completed I seal the positive vibrations in with Reiki and essential oils. I continue until I feel that the dream catcher is in perfect balance with that person’s highest and best good.


Small….….1-3 inch ring $35-45

Medium…..6-7 inch ring $55-65

Large……. 8-10 inch ring $85-95

X Large…..12-14 inch ring $105-145

Huge……..18 inch -2 feet $200+

*Price varies based upon crystals and materials used