Haley is an intuitive guide and teacher who encourages those she works with to remember their innate divinity and I AM power within.  She offers deep levels of support while empowering her clients to expand into the highest version of their authentic self.

Haley now resides in the Flathead Valley and is excited to share her offerings with the local Lakeside, MT community. She will be leading a Sound Bath for a retreat at Wildflower Society Yoga Studio on January 14 – 16th.

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Private Sessions

Reiki $150

Aromatherapy Massage & Reiki $175

Private Sound Healing $150

Womb Massage $333

Soul Mapping Journeys $222

Alchemy of you Flower Essence Session $175

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Larger Gatherings

Restorative Yoga Class, Sound Healing , Private Retreats, Women Circles

Mother Blessing Way, ceremony to honor mother and baby

Birthday Blessing/Receiving Ceremony

House Blessings and Clearings

White Rose Grief Processing, honoring a past loved one

Red Rose Womb Connection, celebrating maidenhood

Pink Rose Yoni Steaming and Vocal Activation

Gold Rose Embody Your Authentic Self workshop

Having recently done a Soul Mapping session with Haley, my life and purpose have really started to unlock and make so much more sense!! Haley is an incredible space holder for soul to emerge, and her intuitive guidance that flows through the session created such a deep transformation and healing. Haley was able to intuitively work through a blockage that I had been working through for the last year, with many healers, and she was the one who to reveal and heal it with our inner journey work. I would highly recommend Haley if you are looking for someone with genuine intuitive healing capacity who can help you connect with your soul in a magical and exquisite way!!

Toni Anne

Haley Kelly is one of the most amazing healers and space holders I have ever worked with. She is EXTREMELY intuitive and can see and tune into things in your field that can assist you on your path. She is the ultimate spaceholoer, providing complete compassion, safety, attunement, grounded presence, and absolute WISDOM.I have been dealing with a chronic illness for 13 years along with severe anxiety, depression, PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and working through many layers related to ancestral trauma, old patterns and beliefs, subconscious layers of fear. I have done a LOT of work already, and I am EXTREMELY discerning of who I work with, but Haley is one of the people I feel the safest with. She has the ability to meet you with presence and love as you work through trauma, but also the wisdom and intuition to help you question your old belief systems and help you shift them. She has so many tools I told her she should write a book, tools to help you integrate healing, to create a deeper relationship with your inner child and higher self, to bring play and curiosity to your life. This woman is truly a walking magician. I put her in the top 2 people who I trust as healers/coaches in my life. She has so much to share, and every time we meet, I keep learning more and more. This woman is a kind compassionate powerhouse of a spaceholder, healer, and coach. I am diving next into womb work with her, and would not trust anyone else to do this work with.


I’ve been experiencing Haley’s sound baths for the past year now, and recently started working with her one on one. Haley creates a safe container for you to explore what ever wants to come through in that moment. She’s an intuitive guide with an open heart and approaches each session with non judgment. Her open heartedness has allowed me to show up exactly as I am, welcoming what ever wants to come through even if it’s not pretty or easy to process. On a one on one container she brings her full self into the session which allows me to also show up with more presence within myself. I highly recommend working with Haley if you have the opportunity, she is truly a gift to this planet and has a unique way of approaching her healing sessions. Each session is completely different intuitively guided from the heart.


News & Events


Spring Immersion Womens Circle

A sacred space created to support women to connect, heal, and rise

Date: April 25th 2021
Time: 1pm – 7pm
Location: Fallbrook CA


  • Experience a womb awakening sound healing journey, white rose kundalini yoga, and a planetary tea ceremony
  • Connect in circle with heart centered women
  • Learn empowerment practices to integrate into daily life
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Learn to work with the Universal Life Force Energy that is always with us

Activate your healing hands, discover tools to support you, and experience deeper levels of self care.

Date: June 5th – 6th
Time: 10am – 6pm
Location: Carlsbad, CA


  • Learn how to use reiki for self-healing and on family, plants, & animals

  • Become aware of your own intuition and inner voice

  • Develop tools to help manage stress, anxiety, and fear

  • Boost your immune system

  • Learn how energy effects the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies

  • Connect in community and have hands on practice

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New Moon Women’s Gathering

A one day experience empowering women to connect with their womb, map out and understand their personal creation cycle, and weave a handmade dream catcher.

Date: February 22nd 2021
Time: 2pm-8pm
Location: 2697 State St Carlsbad CA

  • Connect in circle with an amazing community of like minded sisters
  • Map out your own personal rhythm to know which creation cycle works best for you
  • Set intentions on the New Moon in Pisces, archetype of the dreamer
  • Take home a beautiful dream catcher to anchor in your experience and remind yourself you are the creator of your life
  • Leave inspired, empowered, and connected to a tribe of awakening sisters
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Gratitude Visualization